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We are extremely proud and passionate about Graylog2! Let's see what Graylog2 can do for you today; we are continuously adding new features.

Great Features

We are constantly learning from our customers.

Manage billions of events and process hundreds of thousands of new events every second. All of the infrastructure runs in your own data center: No need to worry about sensitive data leaving your company or shipping your logs away over the internet.

Graylog2 is leveraging proven technologies e.g. Java, Scala and ElasticSearch. All communication is done via REST APIs so you can even build your own tools on top of it. The graylog2-server package ships with an interactive API browser.

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See Graylog2 in action.

This is a screencast showing some of the data analysis functions in Graylog2 v0.20.0-preview.4. A screencast showing a broader set of Graylog2 functions will follow shortly.

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Powered by TORCH

Making Graylog2 better every day.

Graylog2 started as a personal project in 2010 and is now professionally backed and developed by TORCH, the Graylog2 company. Our team of engineers is working every day to constantly improve and develop Graylog2.

Close contact to our customers and community allows us to build a product that users love straight away.

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Real world use cases

Get a better understanding of what Graylog2 can do for you by looking at some real world use cases and examples.

Reveal what your systems are doing

Spawn a UDP or TCP syslog input with one click and point your syslog daemons to it. Track SSH logins, error rates and be alerted about unusual activity in the security/authorization facilities.

Find out what is going wrong

Customer support informed you about a credit card check that is not going through. No need to search for the right server, login and grep through files. Just enter a reference ID or user ID, narrow the search a bit and find the corresponding request or error.

Get an overview of those Exceptions

Send all your Exceptions to Graylog2 using GELF. See if a release is going well by comparing the current number of exceptions with the same timespan yesterday. Getting a list of the most common exceptions in a specific controller is just a click away.

See what people do with your APIs

Send a message for every API request to Graylog2 using GELF and include oAuth information like the consumer key. Now filter the requests in the Graylog2 web interface to see if you can deprecate that one call you always wanted to remove. Get a list of the most active consumers per action or identify the most active parts of your APIs.

See it in action


A collection of screenshots from Graylog2 v0.20.0-preview.6. Click on the screenshot below to open the full screen gallery and see more images.

Developed withJava IDE with unparalleled java code
analyzer (600+ built-in inspections)
Thanks to JetBrains for providing all our developers with free
IntelliJ IDEA licenses for our open source development work.